Vermilion River County

Last updated Jan 17 - 2018

General Market Summary

Vermilion River County Market Information


- FEED BARLEY @ the bin:
January-February $3.95-4.00/bu/ bushel
March-April-May: $4.00-4.05/ bushel

- FEED WHEAT @ the bin:
January-March: $5.15-5.25/ bushel
April-May: $5.25-$5.35/ bushel
- #1/2 CPSR WHEAT:
Feed pricing is currently stronger. Call to discuss strategy!
#1/#2 HRS Wheat:
Protein discounts are HUGE right now. If your protein is 11% or under, you may see better pricing into the feed market.

- 2CW OATS @ the bin (subject to sample):
Jan-Feb: $2.60/ bushel
March-April: $2.70/ bushel
May-June: $2.75 bushel
July-Aug: $2.75-2.80/ bushel
- 3CW OATS @ the bin:
$0.10-0.25/bushel discount to 2cw bids.
- FEED OATS @ the bin:
January-February: $1.85-2.00/ bushel

- GREEN PEAS @ the bin:
Max 3% bleach: $7.90-7.95/ bushel
*Call or email on higher bleach.

- YELLOW PEAS @ the bin
January-February: $6.25-6.35/bu

- FEED PEAS @ the bin
January-February: $5.75-6.00/ bushel

- FEED FABAS @ the bin
January-February: $6.00-6.40/ bushel

- CANOLA @ the bin (As of Jan 16th)
Jan: $10.40/ bu picked-up
Feb-March $10.50/bu picked-up
April-May: $10.60-10.70/bu picked-up
*Give us a call to discuss placing a target, or email with your legal land description for a price!

... Need a price for something else? Please email or give me a call!

***Please send your samples to:
3-5400 50 Street,
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1B7


Tracy Green

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Tracy will attest: you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. Though Tracy has been BC and Alberta bound most of her life, she often returns to visit extended family just outside of Regina. After 13 years in Surrey, BC, she, her husband Larry, and their 5 children, settled in Spruce Grove, Alberta in 2006.

Tracy's background is in sales, building management and office administration. After 7 years at the same company, Tracy was ready for a new challenge and happily accepted a position at Agfinity Grain Brokers in 2014. She enjoys the fun, positive atmosphere and is delighted to be working with a wonderful team!

In her free time, Tracy enjoys long distance running, reading and spending time with her family and their Scottish Terrier, Sophie. But don't let those hobbies fool you! Tracy is a social butterfly. "It's true," Tracy confessed. "Long runs are always better with a friend!"

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Recent Vermilion River County Trades

Heated Canola
222.37/MT or $5.04/BU
44.00 MT
FOB Lloydminster, SK
Jan 17 - Jan 26
TRADED Jan 18 - 2018
Heated Canola
262.05/MT or $5.94/BU
44.00 MT
FOB Vermilion, AB
Feb 01 - Feb 28
TRADED Jan 10 - 2018
CW Feed HRS Wheat
161.22/MT or $4.39/BU
88.00 MT
FOB Vermilion, AB
Jan 05 - Jan 31
TRADED Jan 08 - 2018
CW Feed SWS Wheat
173.20/MT or $4.71/BU
176.00 MT
FOB Kitscoty, AB
Jan 02 - Jan 31
TRADED Jan 03 - 2018
CW Feed SWS Wheat
173.20/MT or $4.71/BU
132.00 MT
FOB Lloydminster, SK
Jan 03 - Jan 31
TRADED Jan 03 - 2018