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Grain Prices for Athabasca County

General Market Summary

Last updated: July 27, 2021 (03:31 pm)


prices are subject to market change

CW Feed Barley
August: $7.50-7.80/bushel

September-December: $6.00-6.60bushel

#1CW Canola (based max 2% green)
August: $21.00-21.50/bushel

September-November: $20.25-20.50/bushel

Heated Canola (price will vary on level of heated)
July-August: $7.00-16.00/bushel

#2 Faba Beans
August: $6.00-7.00/bushel

Feed Faba Beans
August: $6.00-7.00/bushel

#2 Green Peas (based on max 3% bleach)
August-October $8.90-9.40/bushel

#2CW Oats (subject to sample)
August: 3.95-4.30/bushel

September-December: $3.30-$3.60/bushel
January-March: $3.70-3.90/bushel

#3CW Oats (discount to #2CW bids)

Feed Oats (depending on quality)
August: $3.70-4.00/bushel

#2CW HRS Wheat (based on 13.0-13.5% protein)
August: $9.60-9.95/bushel

September-October: $9.20-9.50/bushel
November-December: $9.30-9.60/bushel

CW Feed HRS Wheat
August: $9.60-9.90/bushel

September-October: $7.00-7.20/bushel

#2 Yellow Peas
August $10.30-10.75/bushel

September-October: $9.00-9.20/bushel

Feed Yellow Peas
July-August $8.50-8.70/bushel

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Map of Athabasca County

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