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Grain Prices for Red Deer County

General Market Summary

Last updated: July 07, 2020 (12:56 pm)


- FEED BARLEY @ the bin:
July-August: $4.70-4.75/bushel

September-October: $3.90-4.10/bushel

- Spring Threshed FEED BARLEY @ the bin:
July-August: $4.20-4.35/bushel

- FEED WHEAT @ the bin:
July-August: $5.50-5.70/ bushel

- Spring Threshed Wheat @ the bin:
July-August: $5.40-5.50/bushel

- #1/2 CPSR WHEAT:
 July-August: $5.50-5.90/bushel

-#1/#2 HRS Wheat:
 July-August: $6.00-6.60/bu picked-up based 13-13.5% protein.

- 2CW OATS @ the bin (Subject to sample):
July-August: $3.40-3.60/bushel
*Additional premiums available for excellent colour.

- 3CW OATS @ the bin:
$0.10-0.25/bushel discount to 2cw bids.

July-August: $2.70-3.00/bushel, depending on quality

- 2CW GREEN PEAS @ the bin:
Max 3% bleach:
 July-August: $8.60-8.90/bushel

- 2CW YELLOW PEAS @ the bin
 July-August: $6.80-6.90/bushel

- FEED PEAS @ the bin
 July-August: $6.00-6.50/ bushel

- 2CW FABAS @ the bin:
 July-August: $8.00-8.30/ bushel

- FEED FABAS @ the bin
 July-August: $5.90-6.00/ bushel

- CANOLA @ the bin (as of July 7th)
July-August: $10.50-10.70/ bushel

- Heated CANOLA @ the bin
(Price will vary on level of heated)
 July-August: $4.50-5.50/bushel

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