Picked Up Grain Prices

Picked Up Grain Prices

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Welcome to the Agfinity Pricing page. This is a list of indication standing bids that we have throughout northern B.C, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Only grains that we have indication pricing for will show up after you select a location. An indication standing bid is where a buyer will give us a bid based on the product, timeframe, and price that they are looking to buy. These indication standing bids then get applied as indication bids against your offers as well as giving us indication bids to share on this pricing page along with our Agfinity App. Select a county or location that you are looking to see pricing in, again these are indication prices, meaning they are a rough estimate of the pricing in that area. Contact your trader if the product that you are looking for isn't listed. For the most accurate and real time pricing, contact the trader that is posted in that area and discuss pricing with them and post up an offer.

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